Resources for Creative Writers

My list of essential creative writing resources, from my local territory of Indiucky to beyond, periodically updated. Regional Opportunities (Indiucky and nearby) Our region is fortunate to offer many opportunities for writers. They include open mic readings, readings by guest authors, book signings, writers workshops, and programs of study. Many opportunities are free or lowContinue reading “Resources for Creative Writers”

Four Points of Good Workshopping

Over decades of running and participating in writing workshops, I’ve found that the best workshops happen when they include simple but effective guidelines for responding. This Four Points of Good Workshopping handout has served me well for creating a community of writers. It helps authors take in critiques and it helps participants guide their responses.Continue reading “Four Points of Good Workshopping”

A Guide to Plot for Narrative Writers

Though some stories and novels are based on unrelated episodes (Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn, Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote), known as the “episodic story” or the “picaresque”, and some have a purpose to reveal what life is like for the protagonist without the use of a rising action/rising emotion sense of plot (Flaubert: “A Simple Heart”), known as the “sliceContinue reading “A Guide to Plot for Narrative Writers”

2 superior and free creative writing resources to help you get published

Sure, most of us writers with manuscripts to submit know about Duotrope and the AWP (Association of Writers and Writing Programs ), two long-standing and comprehensive Web sites with lists of contests and publications (AWP has jobs as well). The good news is that other excellent resources are around for you to use that don’tContinue reading “2 superior and free creative writing resources to help you get published”