How I built a DIY wood shed made from recycled pallets

Last Sunday in New Albany the mercury stayed in the low 20s, so the faucets were set to drip all day and will be dripping all through the night to keep the water pipes in the crawlspace from freezing. We don’t want to have to get down there and unfreeze them again. As Sarah remarked, civilizationContinue reading “How I built a DIY wood shed made from recycled pallets”

Happy Hanukkah and Our First Egg

This evening begins Hanukkah, candle 1, and guess what? Our newly raised chickens laid their first egg. How appropriate, a blue Hanukkah egg from the “Easter Egger” chicken breed. A multicultural egg for sure! It was delicious!  We have 6 chickens – 2 “Easter Eggers”, 2 Speckled Sussex, and 2 Bard Rocks that we raisedContinue reading “Happy Hanukkah and Our First Egg”