Post Carpal Tunnel Surgery: “Dead Flowers” Cover

My carpal tunnel release surgery has healed enough so I’m ready to start playing music again. So here’s a cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Dead Flowers.” It fit my mood after a long, draining day of virtual teaching college students, and didn’t strain the surgical scar with any hard bar chords or long stretches. HopeContinue reading “Post Carpal Tunnel Surgery: “Dead Flowers” Cover”

The North Meridian R. Picks up a set of three poems

So jazzed to announce that three of the poems from my Letters from Spickert Knob chapbook manuscript that I’ve been working on will be forthcoming in The North Meridian Review, a new interdisciplinary, open-source journal of culture and scholarship from Marion University. The poems are “Letter 2,” “Letter 3,” and “Letter 4.” Looking forward toContinue reading “The North Meridian R. Picks up a set of three poems”

Poetry Quote: Auden 3

Good morning! Continuing my travels through W. H. Auden’s Selected Poems, I arrived at this lovely verse. Auden seems to be channeling Shakespeare in this stage, with formal syntax and even in setting looking backwards (nothing like the American inventions of, say, William Carlos Williams et al.) But my, how he is finding his ownContinue reading “Poetry Quote: Auden 3”

Poetry Quote: Auden 1&2

Lately I’ve been reading the Selected Poems of W.H. Auden and posting bits I find interesting or inspiring. Here are two. This first one is very sombre, and fits with our pandemic times, as it did with his world sliding toward World War II. The sky is darkening like a stain, Something is going toContinue reading “Poetry Quote: Auden 1&2”

I Made a Throwback Typewriter Table from Recycled Pallets

I always wanted a typewriter table, but I never could find the right kind. So I made one. Out of pallet wood and 2x4s. Design is from The Pallet Book: DIY Projects for the Home, Garden, and Homestead by Chris Peterson. It’s not quite finished, but it’s all assembled and some sanding done. I loveContinue reading “I Made a Throwback Typewriter Table from Recycled Pallets”