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Poetry as Music: The Fundamental that Poets overlook

Music is so important to poetry, that not developing it is equivalent to being tone deaf and trying to create a song. Remember, Sonnet means “Little Song” in Italian, and lyric poetry is so named for its musical qualities. Yet so many poets omit taking the time to train the ear.

Finding the Words 2: The “Eight Words” Poetry Generative Exercise

In FINDING THE WORDS 1: BLACKOUT/ERASURE POETRY I presented a lesson on how to get out of your word rut and discover new vocabulary through that form. In this lesson, you’ll discover new words by playing the “Eight Words Game.” The game also works as a poetry generative exercise.

Finding the Words 1: Blackout/Erasure Poetry Generative Exercises

Overview Writers default. That is, without quite realizing it, we write using preferred words, preferred sentence styles, preferred voices. This means a universe of possibilities is not occurring to us during composition. So we need ways to break out of our habits, to find new words. Here is the first of two poetry generative exercises for finding new words. 

A Generative Poetry Exercise from Kenneth Koch

Generative Exercises allow creative writers to think outside our normal default modes of creation. Often, the poems created during exercises are stronger than ones created with no prompt. This exercise is taken fro Chapter 7 of Rose Where Did You Get That Red?

2 superior and free creative writing resources to help you get published

Sure, most of us writers with manuscripts to submit know about Duotrope and the AWP (Association of Writers and Writing Programs ), two long-standing and comprehensive Web sites with lists of contests and publications (AWP has jobs as well). The good news is that other excellent resources are around for you to use that don’t cost a subscription or membership...